Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ADC Round 1 Winners! | Android Phone Fans

ADC Round 1 Winners! | Android Phone Fans: "City Slikkers - a Pervasive Game (alternatively Location Based Game) which takes place in the real-existing city. It is designed to connect a large number of players through-out the world and change the way the surroundings are seen. The central idea behind the concept is to give people the opportunity to symbolically interfere with the everyday urban environment and come into contact with previously unknown people. By PoroCity Media and Virtual Logic Systems."

I'm very excited about this Android contest winner. It'll be exciting to someone else's take on my idea for "Missing."

I think I am most interested in their statement that the game will "affect normal life as the everyday city is no longer the same due to the player's experience." I didn't take into account that masses playing this game will end up having an impact on the non players. Bringing a new landscape into a city, one that isn't people getting from home to work or from point A to point B has great potential to make each city this takes place in a bit more personal. Sure many people will have their own thing to do and many others wouldn't be interested in this fantasy but some people will latch on and every new player will make the game more persvasive.

I was not very keen on the description that "As the playing community will always be a minority they hereby form some kind of elitist, secret society which is based on knowledge, but not financial or political power." That attitude could definitely sour the experience, bringing a futher gap between gamers and the general public. To really make this work there has to be varying levels of involvement and complexity. As a weak game player I don't want the game to run to far above my head which this seems to imply.