Sunday, May 11, 2008

quotesdb - Quotes Database on Google App Engine

I took a day off of work recently to take a stab at Google App Engine. I'm already using it experimentally for my game, Missing. But I wanted to see what I could put together in one day. I'm not much of a programmer but the results are impressive to me. In about 6 hours I now have an app running on my site that hosts profiles, quotes and descriptive text for any quotesdb need... in 300 lines of code. If you go to it exports the database to a fortune file. I will add an ATOM feed shortly and upload the source as well.

I had to write a small decorator to handle authentication and authorization but beyond that I had to do no work to manage users. I had to write a small data schema but I don't have to host a database on my webserver and I had to didn't even have to set up mod python. App Engine takes care of it all for me. I think its the coolest app we've released since Google Maps.

team-quotesdb project page