Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York Day 4, continued

It was quite a fantastic weekend I would have to say. The down sides included: Blisters, a sold out Statue of Liberty a terrible bartender, and Pizza lines. Beyoned that everything we did was fantastic. I have never had a better trip than this one.

I met Josh and Amy at LGA on Friday night, they had purchased their tickets about six hours prior to their arrival in NYC and the plane they were on was delayed so they ended up going to LGA instead of JFK. That meant a train then a taxi. The plane laned a few minutes late but we were back at the hotel by midnight. We left the hotel and proceeded to walk South to Times Square (Note to self, Times Square is North of the office not South.) Along the way we stopped at Grey's Papaya and Josh and Amy had some delicious looking hot dogs and fries. After 30 blocks or so we realized the folly of my directions, had a few shots, turned North and walked all the way to Times square! Along the way we said hello into a guy who had been walking in parallel with us for about 30 blocks. Turns out he is from Switzerland and gave me a few suggestions for what to do when I get to Zurich! We passed the Empire State Building and gave it a wave and then in Times Square we wandered around in a daze. It is like the intersection in Shibuya, but still has its own feel -- I was still quite impressed.

It was about 3am so we decided to head back to the place but we decided that we needed a drink so tried to go to a place called Cafeteria but they had a wait and we were not that desperate for a drink. We stopped at a store and picked up a six-pack of beer and headed in. We probably talked for an hour then at 4am crashed.

Where I've been in New York.

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