Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York Day 5

On Saturday we woke up at 10:30am and were out the door after figuring out what were were going to do by 11:30. After a subway fiasco because of construction work on the 1 train, we spent a good 45 minutes getting down to the bottom of Manhattan. We walked around a bit through Wall Street then ventured East to Battery Park to purchase a trip to the Statue of Liberty. It was, unfortunately, sold out for from-the-top viewing so after standing in line for 20 minutes we abandoned that mission. We walked to the World Trade Center site, saw the new construction and then walked through the Financial Center buildings for a few minutes for some AC. We walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge but then had to back track to actually get onto it. The bridge is really nice. I loved the cable work and the patterns it displayed and the view of Manhattan was excellent. We got to the other side intent on getting Pizza from Grimaldi's but the line had at least an hour wait so we abandoned that part too. Since none of are big fans of New York style pizza, we weren't too disappointed though, I do plan on going there someday this week just so I can say I tried a some definitive NY style pizza.

After our pizza failure (and little did we know, ice cream failure) we hopped on the subway back to 34th street where we walked around for a bit, found a place to grab some pizza, took a break with our not so tasty pizza then proceeded back to home base for a quick break. We returned to that general area and purchased admission to the Museum of Sex. It was an interesting exhibit but a bit lackluster as the main exhibition was on pornography and that doesn't go too far back into the past. After we left the museum it started raining so we ducked into the first bar we saw, Space Cafe 212 which rocked out the mid-nineties RandB hits (Seal anyone?) and charged extraordinary amounts of money for decent drinks. After one round we left and made our way to the Compleat Strategist but it was closed so we re-directed just one block away to Jim Hanley's Universe for a bit of comic book shopping.

After the shopping we again returned home, showered and made dinner plans at Barbounia. Dinner was incredible: the Hanger steak Amy got and the lamb skewers Josh got were so delicious but my dish was not very good compared to their's. We also shared a beat salad, hummus, baba ganoush and another fish-tasting spread. All were tasty though we thought the bread was too strongly flavored to go with the spreads. We also had a fantastic wine picked by Amy. "Spicy and dry" she told me and that was what I ordered and it was both.

After we had dinner we tried to go to a place called DBA but it was crowded, the bartender was a dufus (dancing instead of telling me they were out of both drinks I tried to order) and it was too loud. We rounded the corner and the block walked into Mars Bar for two shots of Makers. I finished my at-least-3-shots glass (Took me two gulps to complete), Amy abandoned her's and we left. I would have liked to stay longer but there was more to do on Sunday morning. It was only 1am but we headed home.

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