Friday, August 22, 2008

Game Night!

Wow!! Tonight, Abbey, John, Kevin, Craig and Jen hung out at my place and we played both Shadows over Camelot and Bang! I think in the nearly two years I've been in SF. We've had only one other board-game like day and I am happy to say that it seems like the participants enjoyed themselves. This might very well mean there will in fact be another game night and more chances for jgib to be the traitor!

Highlights: We were down and out making little progress in defeating the Shadows when out of nowhere John took out the Black Knight and won Lancelot's armor. We were progressing well against the dragon when we threw down our third triple and revealed. Since Kevin and I were both at 1 health, it was game over for us even though we tied. Dead. We were dead. How did that happen? Someone played an 11 face down -- Who was it? John . . . Yep . . . It was at that point John accused Craig of being the traitor, drew and played the "Play the next three black cards" card and took the group to 6 black swords. This was when we already had 10 siege engines. Damnit!