Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm back... San Francisco, Gen Con and more.

Wow, I've been on the road, almost all summer and am finally back in San Francisco. I would have to say that my travel bug is back -- Expect to hear from me on the road more frequently than I've been, during the past year. I believe I will be travelling to Chicago, Dublin, Sydney and Toronto in the next couple of months and I will hopefully track that travel a bit better than I did most of this summer's escapades.

It feels good to be back in San Francisco -- after almost two years of living here, it finally feels like home. I was even a bit homesick by the time I hit my last week in Dublin but by the time I left Chicago for San Francisco, I was thinking "Where do I go next." I guess homesickness is fleeting.

Gencon -- Wow! I had such a great time seeing my gaming friends. Even through we didn't play all the games we hoped we would, I still had a great time. Next year though we better execute better. Less standing around, more doing things. Less shopping, more doing things. Less stress, more doing things!