Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lonely Ramblings

I've spent most of the past few months alone. Most of it has been because I've been abroad, some of it has been because I needed to decompress when I got home. Now I'm out in Dublin again and I've done scarely a thing in a city that I enjoy being in. This weekend and last I spent cooped up in my apartment lazying around and playing on the internet. Now tomorrow starts my last work week in Dublin for a while. I head back to San Francisco on Thursday. When I get back I don't plan on working until around the 6th of October (possibly the 3rd if I feel guilty). Some of this time I'll be in San Francisco, where everyone I know will be at work, as a result I will have even more solitude and time to myself but I am begininng to grow tired of my anti-social behavoir. There comes a time in every person's life where they just want to party like rock starts with their closest friends. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends these days are past the days of rock star parties. As we all grow out of College it seems that the fun parts about rampant drunken hyjinks are replaced by the monotony of pretending you're back in school. Even your drinking habits become habits and its less likely that you have the chance to meet someone new. That, I think was the main reason we had parties back in the day but now even when we go out for drinks its hard to find a place as good as Josh's DeKalb place or Chris' Chicago flat. Now its just loud music and a handful of us drinking away our work sorrows.

I felt like at Gen Con I had the chance to be a rambunctous overly social dufus again but it didn't seem like people were really in the mood for that.  I don't always want to be the guy running through the fountain alone, I miss team driven hijynks!  Bring back

Geeze, I think I just want to hang out and waste time with my friends. Any time I get to see people from Chicago its a special event so I always feel so pressured to make something of it. I miss those kinda-lazy Sundays where we would all hang out by sitting in the same room as eachother doing (home)work. What is it now that makes that not possible? It was great to know that over there Josh was studying for some crazy selling stuff class and steve was over in the other corner trying to catch up on all the classes he didn't go to during the week, all the while I sat and struggled on Calculus. I don't mind doing work, heck I invented a top secret project so that I could treat something like a job but not really have to rely on it for any sort of money or real responsiblity. I know, I know, a paragraph ago I was talking about drowning work-sorrows in alcohol but there is something that is satisfying about it.

I'm sure I've spent several hours in the past few weeks clickin refresh on Facebook and my Google reader shared feeds. I want to know what people are doing these days. Even the mundane is better than me reading another story on Tech Crunch about random tech company Q. I troll people's pictures hoping that I'll see something new going on that I can pretend to have been there.

To my friends who post on Twitter, update their status on Facebook or blag-o-blog about whatever, please keep doing it, its almost-but-not-even-close to those fantastic Sundays where we sat around together and did nothing together.

PS. This is my 500th post.