Sunday, September 14, 2008

Traveling with a Project

This summer I spent most of my time on the road for work. Somehow, I still managed to find some time to work on my project. While I didn't work on it as much as I did while I was home (probably 2-3 hours a week instead of 8) I was nevertheless able to make valuable progress on it. One of the things that helped was an obligation to my teammate to finish and another was that I kep in contact with my teammate. One of the best things you can do to keep interested in your project is to discuss it with someone who really cares. In my case I called my teammate at midnight (with Skype) a few times to discuss recent changes and code checkins. This allowed me to keep the project at the top of my mind and when an opportunity came around where I wasn't running around a new city drunk off my ass I knew that I should pull out my laptop and get working. It was successful. I was also lucky enough to have great flights both to and from Europe in which to get work done. I've always said that an airplane is one of the best places to concentrate. Even a crying child can be ignored with a decent pair of headphones. There is no internet, no where to walk, nobody to talk to, no toys/tech/games to distract and nothing but your laptop and the carefully prepared contents of its hard drive.