Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter blah blah blah

This weekend I was in Amsterdam and one of the cool things about this trip opposed to last year's tour-de-Europe was that I was checking twitter along the way. I'd stop at a cafe for a beer or a snack and pull out my phone. I'd reload the page I had in the browser with q=amsterdam and I could get an up to the minute feed of what was going on in the city *right then and there*. I was also able to solicit suggestions from other people using the service and found a set of cool and not so cool things to do in the city! The coolest was that I found out the World Photo Press Exhibition was going on (incidentally in the old church within the red-light district).

I can see where this is going and hopefully in the future I'll be able to filter out the boring "Look at me, I'm in insert-location-here" tweets and get a more useful result set but even now it was quite fun looking to see what was going on around me that was just out of sight.