Monday, June 22, 2009

Dumpcatcher: HTML

Wow, its been quite a while since I've written any HTML. Probably about one year. Its also been that long since I last used AppEngine and as a result I'm really, really rusty.

I'm now about 3 hours into the hack-a-thon (on a plane instead of of a coffee shop) and I have about 10 hours of battery life remaining.

Things I've learned so far:

I totally forgot the basic IO operations for the app engine data store and with this kind of knowledge its actually pretty hard to re-learn -- I remember such random bits and pieces I forget which parts are bad memory or actuality.

The design doc was fun to write, I had to think about a few different problems that I figured I would encounter. I even realized that my initial idea for request signing had some security vunerabilities which I had to think about how to resolve.

I have one third of the whole project done, but its the smallest one third. Users are now able to register their account and create an unlimited number of products.

Next, I need to write the server side component of crash logging. Eg, when a user submits a crash the request must be authorizedand then it needs to get into the datastore.