Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foursquared Help

I'm looking for help on foursquared. I can start fleshing out some starter bugs and features so that anyone interested can just jump right in and code.

I've been hating git since I started using it and may end up migrating the SCM to HG on Google Code... I just feel more comfortable with both tools... Still not sure. If I have any external contributors it will really force my hand as I don't want to have to deal with emailed diffs and patches.

I'm not asking for testers because at the pace I'm going, the problems and features I'm trying to implement take up my allocated time plus a bit more. Increasing the water hose of bug reports and feature requests would just drown me. On the other hand, I did put together some crash reporting infrastructure while I was on the airplane so that when I do release, I can get automated bug reports: (the code is at

Right now I'm working on some troubling network connectivity issues (after some period of usage, all HTTP requests start hanging). After I resolve these issues I will be readed for limited testing... I'm content to release non-feature-complete if only to get some people looking at the app who might be developers.

I'm thinking that feature-wise the release will include the five screens I've sent before: