Friday, April 2, 2010

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With some prodding from jgib, advice from Drew and some predictions (grrrr....) from Paul, this is what I got... I also bought SPD shoes and 1/2 and 1/2 pedals as well. Got me some locking skewers too. Its black and white which is as we all know a super cool color combination and the color of your bike really determines how good you are at riding.

Its got a 105 component set which I know I don't exactly need but when I saw that I would have spent $850 for the 2-steps-down sura/tiagra combo I felt more comfortable going with the bikes in the $1100 price range (I paid $1150). The fact that there was only one $700-1000 aluminum bike in that range also made me a little anxious.

The shoes are going to take some getting used to for sure. I already spent 20 minutes on a trainer thing trying to use them consistently. Click in. Click out. Click in. Click out.

Kait suggested I visit American Cyclery and I did. I am glad I went there. The dude who helped me, Jimbo; turns out he is a bit new to the sizing-a-bike-game but after trying several 56cm bikes one of his coworkers, Mark suggested, nee demanded, that I try a 54. I realized after trying the 54 that Mark was right.

They both told me that I'd a 55cm would be perfect but damned if I was going to go through any more hassle for a bike. The only pending issue on the fitting right now is that there is a little criss cross going on with my elbows and knees in the drops but they suggested that I ride for a few days and get a 110mm stem (up from 100mm) if it hangs me up.

They gave me 10% off my pedals, shoes and skewers and threw in a couple of spare tires too and said that if I wanted to get silly clothing I could come in sometime this week and nab a 15% discount as well.

Shoes: BG Sport MTB Shoes

Pedals: 1/2 spd 1/2 pedal

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