Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Travel

On July 9th I flew upper class on Virgin Atlantic to London. I proceeded to get sick and spent the next week either a zombie at work or asleep at the hotel. I started feeling better a few days before I left so I had the chance to do some tourizing of London. I went to the Science Museum then I visited Hyde Park for a read and a drink. After, I walked around Camden Lock for a couple hours and finished up my day with some time in another park before making it back to the hotel for dinner with my friend Chris L.

On July 22nd I flew Lufthansa to Berlin where i met up with my friend Pascal H. We hung out for a bit and I got some work done on my latest foursquare mashup app. After a light dinner, we headed over to cbase where we drank super cheap Chezc beer and hung out with some cool geeks. cBase is definitely different than Noisebridge in that people are interesting and the projects are even more so.

The next day is when Josh and Liz got into town so that night we walked around for a while, ate dinner at Schwartz Cafe and had a few beers at some other nearby place. Josh and Liz without a cellphone was a fun game we played the rest of the weekend. "Okay, you meet us at this trains stop at 11:30am," "Okay meet us where we met yesterday at 1:30pm." I'm glad cell phones exist.

On Saturday, day three we tourized the city. We tried to visit a flea market that was closed. Then we had a tasty (but slow...) breakfast of meats and cheeses and fruits and sausage water.